Sorry for not speaking Aromanian, I barely know a few words. I am here writing this in the hope that you can help me correct an article I wrote here before I had an account. I don't know much Aromanian so I was hoping you could improve the grammar and writing of the article. Also maybe add a little more detail. Many thanks, Jabz. (G)jabz (discuție) 26 Yizmãciunj 2021 03:36 (UTC)

Hi (G)jabz, thank you for creating this article. The Aromanian name of Spongebob is pretty cool to read and pronounce. Unfortunately, I am not Aromanian, I am Romanian, so I can't help with much here. This Wikipedia is sadly inactive and finding Aromanian speakers who still enter the website is hard. I once asked an Aromanian user to translate me a title into Aromanian; that was in 2019 (or January 2020) and I still have got no answer. Super Dromaeosaurus (discuție) 26 Yizmãciunj 2021 07:19 (UTC)
Ah, sad to hear that. I was hoping that a more experienced user could help me. Well, I'll do my best anyway. I can recommend this to you:

(G)jabz (discuție) 26 Yizmãciunj 2021 22:10 (UTC)

Sure, thank you. Good luck in your editing! Super Dromaeosaurus (discuție) 27 Yizmãciunj 2021 13:11 (UTC)