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Request for translation. Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas alâxire

Warm greeting from Belarusian Wikipedia! This year we celebrate 130. birthday of Belarusian great poets en:Yanka Kupala and en:Yakub Kolas Could you help us to translate articles into your unique and honourable language? Thank you in advance! --Rymchonak 15:39, 14 Yinar 2012 (UTC)

Pagetitle alâxire

I think you are reffering to the bar in the upper row of the page (the bar that also contains the options for maximising, minimising or close the page). You should try changing Mediawiki:Pagetitle. Instead of "$1 - Wikipedia" you should write "$1 - Wikipedia, entsiclopedia liberã". "$1" stands for the text that appears before this (like article name, or "Editing ... - Wikipedia, entsiclopedia liberã" so you should not eliminate this parameter.

About an embassy I'm not shore I understand what you mean. In the Romanian Wikipedia we have such an embassy ro:Wikipedia:Ambasadă. If that is what you mean, of course that is possible. You put some welcome messages in some languages (even in all languages if that is possible), and then you list users from the Aromanian Wikipedia that speak other foreign languages so that international users that don't know Aromanian can adress them if they need something. --Danutz 15:30, 26 Avgustu 2007 (UTC)

Archived alâxire

Hi Eeamoscopolecrushuva,

I have archived your discussion contents. I hope you do not mind.

Regards, --Joseph, 09:51, 30 Avgustu 2007 (UTC)

Limba armãneascã alâxire

Thank you for the corrections you made in the Romanian Wiki. I have some questions:

1. Why are there so many differences between the examples I gave (from Capidans book) and your corrections? Are theese dialectal differences, or the language has evoluated since Capidan? And are your examples standardized now?

2. Isn't "azboairã" the third person of the verb? The first person singular would be necessary.

3. In some cases you put an "-" after "mi" (mi-culcu), in others not (me anvãrtescu - "me" instead of "mi" in this case). What's the rule?

4. Isn't "tsarã" the synonym of "pimintu" too, or it means only "country"?

5. Isn't "tãljat" the past participle of the verb? In the Swadesh list "cutting, which cuts" is required.

6. Could you, please, complete the list with the missing words?

7. Don't you write French, maybe? It would be easier for me.

Bye! Amator linguarum 19:32, 15 Yizmãciunj 2007 (UTC)

Vlad Draculea alâxire

Hi. How can I help here? I can put templates, interwikis and images. I'm sorry but I don't speak this language. --Vlad Dracul 17:45, 26 Yizmãciunj 2007 (UTC)

buni -v seara la tut armanij

Thank You alâxire

thank You so much for translating my page :) --Kelovy 08:48, 4 Brumar 2007 (UTC)

Matoussi alâxire

Hello. I wrote an article about Matoussi in the English wiki, you can see it here, but I am not sure if I wrote his given name correctly. He was called in Greek sources Nikos and Nikolaos, while in English Nicholas. But he was an Aromanian, and I suppose the Aromanian form of his name would be Nicolau, but I am not sure. You know more about Aromanian language, please check it. Thanks. --Koppany 10:46, 4 Brumar 2007 (UTC)

RMY or ROA-RUP ? alâxire

Hi. I have written a question on User talk:Barceloneanu, but in French language, hoping that, because of his location, he has a chance to read French language. Maybe you too?

But I can also explain in English.

Today, a bot has added, in fr:Daniel Schneidermann, a link to rmy:Daniel Schneidermann. RMY is language code for en:Romani language (fr:Rromani, ro:Limba ţigănească), language which, as we know, is not a Romance language, but an Indo-Aryan language spoken in Europe by the Romani people.

When I read this article on, my idea is that a mistake was done, because what I see looks like Romanian (RO) or Aromanian (RUP) language.

Do you think that I am right? Hégésippe | ±Θ± 14:52, 9 Andreulu 2007 (UTC)

Thanks for the answer. But there is still a question: was the text, in rmy:Daniel Schneidermann, written in Aromanian, as I have thought it was (and then created on the wrong wiki)?   Hégésippe | ±Θ± 16:51, 9 Andreulu 2007 (UTC)

Ti tsi easti REIM? alâxire

Buna dzua. Anj-easte jale tsi nu shtiu multu Armaneashce so I will ask in English. Why is the article name FYROM (translated) and not RoM? Don't they say "Machedonia" in the Crushuva dialect? Can you please reply here. Regards, Armãn 00:09, 13 Andreulu 2007 (UTC)

I just saw the Main page discussion. I would like to have a discussion about various points regarding Aromanians and the Republic of Macedonia.

You have brought up assimilation of the Aromanians in the Republic of Macedonia. While this has probably happened, I really don't know how much we can say is the fault of the Macedonian government. Considering the fact that there are people that identify as Власи, it might just be the Aromanians themselves identifying as Македонци. But here is the thing, Македонци does not necessarily mean "ethnic Macedonians" it just means "Macedonians". Compare it with haw people identify as "Americans" or "Australians" when there are no "ethnic Americans/Australians". So Aromanians who put Македонец on the census form might still know that they are Aromanian but just feel like citizens of the country. For instance, Todor Proja knew that he was Aromanian and never hid the fact that he was Aromanian (he once talked about changing his name back) but also declared himself as a Macedonian (i.e. from the country called Macedonia). Also, the assimilation in the RoM is nothing compared to the assimilation in Greece, where everybody believes Aromanians are exactly the same as Greeks (and magically speak a Romance language). Aromanian is not taught in schools and is not official anywhere - not even in Aminciu. There is no officially recognised Aromanian minority in Greece - or Albania, or even in Romania, only in the Republic of Macedonia.

You also talked about calling the Macedonian language "Vargareashce" and ethnic Macedonians "Vargari" on the basis that they call us Власи/Vlasi. That doesn't make sense because the Greeks call us "Vlahoi" or even "Koutsovlahoi" and yet you don't have anything against them. "Vlach" and its derivatives is an exonym, not a pejorative term. Macedonians don't call us "Vlasi" because they want to devalue our nationhood, they do it because that is the translation of "Armanj" into their language. Most Mаcedonians have not heard the terms Аромуни or Аромунски, just like most Greeks haven't heard of Aromanoi or Aromaniki. The Aromanians are in a very similar position to the Macedonians. Both languages are referred to as dialects by a larger group - Romanians and Bulgarians, and both peoples have been subject to assimilation - Aromanians by Romanians and Greeks, Macedonians by Bulgarians and Serbs.

You said Aromanians from Greece will just change Republica di Machedonia back to REIM. How many of them would visit this Wikipedia, let alone know it exists (as opposed to the Greek one)? And since among the Greek Aromanians their language is not really written down much - and if it is it's in Greek script, I doubt they would be able to read this Wikipedia or even notice it as Aromanian in the "Other languages" box from another Wiki. If we changed REIM to RdM I don't think we would have an edit war going on.

Thank you for your time, please respond on this page (so there is a continuity). I await your reply, Armãn 04:15, 13 Andreulu 2007 (UTC)

Ditu Shtip. Armãn 11:26, 21 Alunar 2008 (UTC)

Translation request alâxire

The translation request
Hi! Could I ask you to translate the article which you can find below into Aromanian? Please help me to show our language to the world – the article is quite short and has been selected from English and Silesian article and shortened as possible to contain only the basic informations. If you would finish, please, make me know on my Silesian or Polish discussion. Thanks in advance.
PS. If you want me to translate any article into Polish or Silesian, contact me without hesistation.
So, here’s the text to translation:

The Silesian language (Silesian: ślůnsko godka, ślůnski, sometimes also pů našymu) is a language spoken by people in the Upper Silesia region in Poland, but also in Czech Republic and Germany. In the National Census of Poland in 2002 about 56 000 people declared Silesian as their native language.

Silesian is closely related to Polish language, that’s why it is considered as a dialect of Polish by some linguistics.

Alphabet alâxire

There’s not one Silesian alphabet. The Silesian speakers are used to write their language with the Polish characters. In 2006 was invented the new Silesian alphabet, based on all of the Silesian scripts (there’s 10 of them). It is widely used on the Internet, as well as in the Silesian Wikipedia.

Aa Bb Cc Ćć Čč Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Ńń Oo Pp Rr Řř Ss Śś Šš Tt Uu Ůů Ww Yy Zz Źź Žž

And some digraphs: Ch Dz Dź Dž.

External links alâxire

Thank you once again, Timpul 13:08, 4 Avgustu 2008 (UTC)

I have created the page at Limba sileseascã, but could you (Eeamoscopolecrushuva) please check it for grammar? Armãn 12:05, 11 Avgustu 2008 (UTC)
From what I remember, user:Barceloneanu created thousands of articles, mostly about places in Spain. Also, user:Bukephalos has created articles on various Aromanians, but they are in French.
I would like to work on more language articles, but I can only guess what the names would be. Could you expand the list of European languages at the article Limba? I can create the articles from there, and all that would be needed is just some more grammar checking. Hopefully I'll learn from my mistakes.
If you are looking for more people to create a team, I guess the most active place for Aromanians nowadays is YouTube...I noticed you have already made contact with the Catholic guys :)
Also, we should contact Timpul and ask him to create short articles; one on the Aromanian language and one on Aromanians. Would you like to suggest a succinct and informative paragraph? Armãn 12:31, 12 Avgustu 2008 (UTC)
Hi, thanks for your translation, Arman and I'm sorry I didn't notice your response. Of course, I can create some articles in Silesian and Polsih, just tell me what about and where to translate from. Ahah, and answer on my Polish of Silsian discussion page, so that I can answer you faster. Best regards and greetings from Poland, Timpul 10:44, 21 Avgustu 2008 (UTC)

Bunã dzuuã ! Tsi him noi? alâxire

Bunã dzuuã. Eeamoscopolecrushuva, nu shtiu tsi him noi armãnjii. Tine tsi dzãts ca him? Azburãi cu multsã armãnji pi internet. Dzatseau ca him grets, rumãnj, pelasgi, vecljii mecidoneanji.... etc. Tora, nu mai akicãsescu tsiva. Avem zboari aprucheati di rumãneascã. Altsã rumãnji angãldãsescu tsi azburãm noi. They/nãsh/ei dzãc ca him rumanj. Gretsii dzãc cã him grets... tsi him noi? Cãtse agiunsim ahtari mileati. Alargu un di alantu. tu tutãlumea. Can armãn nu shtii tsi easti :(( Anghiliciunj di tu Romania - Camaradianis

Hello Eeamoscopolecrushuva ;) alâxire

Could you please help me translate a short version of this interesting article to the Armãneashce Wiki? Thank you very much, E hana Girl 06:14, 15 Yizmãciunj 2008 (UTC)

Hi Eeamoscopolecrushuva.

Can you please tell me if this and this are allowed?. Those articles are so so little (probably created by a bot) and I don't know if those are allowed here. Could you please answer me here?. Thank you. --Dferg 16:39, 14 Andreulu 2008 (UTC)

bine ati venit la sarbatoare noastra

bine ati venit la sarbatoarea noastra

Pohlania alâxire

I've notificated Meta about the project, here's a copy of my message from there:

Aromanian Wikipedia seems to be abused. There are many articles refering the inexistent state of Pohlania, which appears to be an alter-ego of Romania. Google, apart from placing Aromanian Wikipedia at the top of search results' list for "Pohlania", suggests that the word itself is a misspelling of a Polish verb "pochłaniać". Informing Aromanian Community about the problem did not cause any feedback.

Remigiu 22:27, 5 Shcurtu 2009 (UTC)

Wikipedia Aromână alâxire

Salutare! Înţelegi dacă scriu în limba română?

Aş dori să contribui la Wikipedia Aromână.

Nu cunosc această limbă, de aceea, vreau să te întreb dacă există pe internet un dicţionar sau un curs online de aromână?

Mulţumesc.--FeodorBezuhov 15:45, 27 Cirishar 2009 (UTC)

Apropo, pentru numele categoriilor, ce cuvânt se foloseşte? Văd că majoritatea că apar ca în engleză, cu numele de Category.--FeodorBezuhov 15:58, 27 Cirishar 2009 (UTC)
Buna dzua,

Mine va sã-scriu pi armãneshce, shi pistipsescu cã achicãsits. Mi-adarã mare hãrao cã avets chefe s-nã agiutats, shi noi him disfaptsã ti colaboratsie. Ti jale nu existeadzã nica un cursu ti limba armãnescã alla noi di mare chiro avem tu plan s-u adrãm. Poate cã avets ghiuvusitã articulile a nostre shi le-achicãsits, cã zburãm unã limbã cu idhyia zãrtsinã, sade lipseshce s-u avigljem limba-a nostrã armãnescã ashi cum easte.

Zborlu "Categoria" lipseashce sã-sta tu loc di "Category", pistipsescu cã va-u adrãm ashi cum lipseashce.

Haristo multu, Editura electronicã armãnescã "Moscopole-Crushuva" Vitse prez. Sebastian D. Fundu


I was trying to find interwikis for this category and its pages, but don't find anythink. I have seen some message indicating that it could be an hoax. Do you have an opinion about it ?

If it's an hoax the whole category should be deleted.

I have also populated Category:Deleteme with copyvio pages about people that don't seem to be famous. It seem like the pages where created just to give them visibility.

I see that you don't edit frequently. If you need some help I can assist you as sysop (I'm sysop and bureaucrat at Wu wikipedia). Just let me know.


--Hercule 07:59, 6 Xumedru 2009 (UTC)

Could you please answer me (en english) ?
--Hercule 13:05, 24 Xumedru 2009 (UTC)

ti Eeamoscopolecrushuva Buna dzua!! Adrai una znjii sh nu mata shtiu cumu su andregu. Ahurhii mini articol Makedonji armanji, ama, nai iasti unu cu personalitats armanji, sh vreau su-l mutamu la atselu makedonji armanji, tas hiba mash unu cama completu. Haristo! (Njirlu 07:39, 15 Xumedru 2009 (UTC))

Buna dzua! Nu fu buna frandza Makedonji-armanji? Mini vreamu su ashtergu pi alanta, nu pi aiesta..

Tora armasi mash atsea cu personalitati tsi nu iasti completa. Haristo! (Njirlu 07:49, 16 Xumedru 2009 (UTC))

Makedonji armanji alâxire

Buna dzua!! Eeamoscopolecrushuva!! Disparu frandza Makedonji-armanji!! U ashtirseshi ca nu iara buna? aveam bagata sh tuti personalitatsli, s-avea adrata multu mshata... (Njirlu 09:50, 16 Xumedru 2009 (UTC))

Nu are lipsã ti unã frãndzã ti "MAKEDONJI-ARMANJI" cãndu existedzã frãndzã ti Armãnjlji. Numã idhyia ashitse nu-are s-hibã alãxitã cã mash tine shi Romãnia ãlj-dzãsh pi Armãnjlji - Makedo-Armãnj tsi ti mine sh-ti populu Armãnescu tut easte unã ãngiurare. Ti plãcãrsescu cãndu vrei s-badz tsiva respectedzã-le ãndrepturle dupu cai s-ducã Wikipedia.

Haristo --Eeamoscopolecrushuva 23:41, 17 Xumedru 2009 (UTC) Ye! Ghini maca! Ma vreamu sa shtiu desi contsinutlu nu fu bun la frandza atsea! potu s-anyrapsescu pi frandza armanji tsi anyrapsii pi franza makedonji-armanji? mash numa makedonji-armanji nu fu buna? Haristo! (Njirlu 15:58, 18 Xumedru 2009 (UTC))

Sh nica tsiva! Irtari ca alaxii frandza ! Lipsea ninti s-antrebu! Vrui s-adaru di daua, una ama li-asparshu! Irtari.. Sh ti numa tsi iasti ghini s-inshimu tu miydani sh cu numa Makedonji? slj-alasamu varyarii cu numa makedonji, cari nu iasti ratsionala? Tora, di exemplu, mas adramu mani una analta Academie, tsi numa vas ufilisimu? mash Armanji? Nu hiumu prota Makedonji sh dapoa Armanji? Tuta lumea lipseashti sa shtie ghini cari hiumu, tuta isturia tsi u avemu..
S-nu mata shidemu noi tas n-adara altsaa isturia ashi cum vor ei.. Grets, ica Romanji, ica tora Varyari.. S-na da strapapanjii napoi ca a noshtsa suntu..Sh makedonia varyara tut a noasta iasti..

HAristo!! Sh felicitari ti wikipedia pi armaneashti, fu un mari amintaticu ti tiniri!! Lucru ambaru!! S-avdzamu mash di ghini!! (Njirlu 06:04, 19 Xumedru 2009 (UTC))

Atsea tsi spush easte un lucru psefdoromãnescu. Ti plãcãrsescu s-ti duts tu Arbinishie, Gãrtsie, FYROM, Vãryãrie, nu mash tu Romãnie shi sã-lji ãntreghi pi ominjlji cai numa u-ufilizescu ti nãsh singuri? Alasã-u politica tora. Cãndu va s-lipsescã s-adrãm Academia siyurã cã naimaghine va s-hibã s-u ufilizim numa di Academia Nao di Moscopole, a nu vãrã Academia psefta. Sigurã cã tu istoria avem shi sãndze a Machedonjlor veclji ma atsea easte ISTORIA sh-nu ONOMASTICA a unlui popul. Numa tsi u ufilizeshci nã-leadze NU cu Machedonjlji ma cu ROMãNJLJI cai vor noi s-him unã parte di milete romãnescã! Ti atsea Makedonj-Armãnj easte sade unã tradutsire arão a numãljei romãneascã Macedo-romãni - scljamã Mucanji! Ti-plãcãrsescu s-lucredzi pi tsiva tsi easte importantu sh-nu pi tsiva tsi nu are yinitor! Eeamoscopolecrushuva 19:55, 19 Xumedru 2009 (UTC)

Buna dzua tinjisite eoomoscopole! Vreamu s-ti antrebu mas shtii tsiva di ligaturi externi pa frandza armanji ? Nu mai suntu! Ari un utilizator cai iasti adinistrator pi cu numa Adijapan, tsi tut ashteardzi External Links, pi, wiki.en, sh tora inji pari ca sh-aua !

Vidzui ca s-anregistra si wiki.armaneasca ! inji pari ca el li adara criparli aiesti! Haristo! (Njirlu 08:45, 29 Xumedru 2009 (UTC))

Vasili Barba. alâxire

Buna dzua tinjisite! Voi s-ti antrebu tsiva: vidzui pi frandza ligaturi ti armanji pi internet sh la sectiunea Di tu lumi anyraspseashti ca Muri Vasili Barba Propagandistu ali Romania. Ti tsi iasti luyursitu propagandistu ca tu Romania di escu sh mini, tuts mucanji lu angiura! Sh adrara hazi di abecedarul BarbarCuniaform! Tu romania nu-i va cana mucanu! Ti atsea mi ciudusii ca iasti luyursitu Propagandistu ali Romania! Haristo! (Njirlu 06:05, 4 Brumar 2009 (UTC))

Buna dzua. Sh-pi ninga atsea ca vrea sa-si spuna ca easte contra Romania shi ca Romania nu u-va, ti jeale mare nas va s-hiba scriat tu istoria armaneasca ca un propagandistu-a zborlui romanescu catse vrea s-u tsana alfabeta romaneasca, tsi sh-u adra tu ahurhie, a dupu atsea candu yini Cunia pi stsena afla un american avut shi continua cu lucurlu deadun cu Cunia. Ti jale pana tora nu aflam una alfabeta ica modus ti scriare tsi va s-hiba sade armanescu. Minduescu ti-atsea shi ca tu tuta tsi-u adra afla cum s-baga shi vara zbor romanescu/mucanescu (cum vrei) cu tsi u-aspardze autohtonia a limbaljei shi u-mistica cu atsea romaneasca. Di delihia s-dzase ca "Ti mortsa spunj sade nai ma buna", alla istoria shi faptu santu ashi cum santu shi va s-lipseasca s-le videm sade ca ashi. Ti pitrec ancljinaciunji! Eeamoscopolecrushuva 09:00, 8 Brumar 2009 (UTC)


I'm afraid you didn't saw my message :p


--Hercule 09:31, 10 Brumar 2009 (UTC)

Why do you not answer me ? --Hercule 22:07, 21 Brumar 2009 (UTC)

because aromanian or how wrong is named machidonian,it's an ancient romanian dialect,the alphabet is latin.

Is it an answer to me  ??? --Hercule 10:03, 1 Andreulu 2009 (UTC)

Translation Request of article about Isaac Newton alâxire

Dear Eeamoscopolecrushuva, nice to meet you! I'm wondering if you would be so kind to help translate a very short-stub version of 4-5 sentences of this article for the wonderful Armãneascã Wikipedia? Thank you very much for any advice or help you could offer. I hope to hear from you. Sincerely--Brezza del mare 07:36, 1 Andreulu 2009 (UTC)

frandza Armanj alâxire

Buna dzua! Vreamu s-ti antrebu mas hiba ghini s-alaximu frandza "Armanj" cu frandza "Armanji". S-bagamu tu soni un "i" ; ti itia ca anda caftamu pi google armanji nu na scoati tu migdani frandza "armanj"; mas s-aiba numa cu "i" tu soni, anda caftamu pi google "armanj" iasi tu migdani! Haristo! (Njirlu 09:33, 13 Andreulu 2009 (UTC))

Cumu adaru ligatura cu notili? alâxire

Buna dzua tinjisite! Voi s-ti palacarsescu s--nji dzats cai iasti modalitetlu tas aprochi sectsiunea "noti" la artcilu Armanji. Bagai prota Format:Refnoti ica Format:Refnote, ama nu neadzi cana di eali. Ti palacarsescu su badz tini ica sa-nji dzats cumu lipseashti s-adaru. Haristo! Anclinaciunji!

numa limbaljei a noasti alâxire

Buna dzua! Voi s-ti antrebu mas hiba vara culai tas alaxim numa limbaljei pi wikipedia. As hiba mshata varianta makedona/armana sh s-aiba numa njica (shcurta) "". Tini tsi pistipseshtsa? Mini dzacu ca aiesta luyurii iasti di mari simasii catse vremu su promovamu aiesta wiki a noasta, su bagam tu fimiridi sh tu dzuari (newspaper) tas su shtiba tuts armanjlji ditu tuta lumea sh s-ina cama multsa dzua di dzua tas muta analtu aiesta enciplopedia MAKEDONA/ARMANA. Nadisescu ca va-nji pitrets una apandasi pozitiva! Haristo! S-baneadza armanamea! (Njirlu 07:37, 17 Shcurtu 2010 (UTC))

Yramiolu alu Dina Cuvata alâxire

Buna dzua tinjisite Dumitrachi! Voi s-ti tsi yramio anyrapseashti Dina Cuvata? Mutrii pi "Grailu Armanescu" iu nasu iasti "shef" sh, ti ciudii, vidzui niscanti yrami alutusiti. Nasu nu tinjiseashti astasearea di Bituli? Mas hiba ashi...amartii mari ca un omu cu shtearea lui nu tinjiseashti yramiolu makedonu/armanu di Bituli.

Haristo sh ancljnaciunji! S-baneadza armaneamea.

PS: sa-nji dzats desi ti ariseashti articlu "armanji" di tora. Alacsii numa limbaelj armaneasca tu "makedon armana". Mini sh nu mash pistipsescu ca aiesta iasti numa safe a noasta sh cu aiesta lipseahti s-inshimu nafoara tu Evropa. Limba armaneasca u continueadza limba makedona. Tsicara ca varyarii nica u au numa di makedonji. Va u alacseasca ca alta turlii nu potu s-intra tu Unionlu Evropeanu cu una isturii sh identitetu xenu ti nashi. Noi himu makedonji sh armanji. Altsa cu ahtari numa nu mata ari tu aesta LUMI. Nu stiu pi Marte ica pi alta planeta desi s-hiba vara popul/lao tsi s-luyurseashti Makedon/Armanu.

Multsa di multsa armanji s-aproachi tora di aiesta numa. Armanji ditu Romania va u alacseasca numa di armanji tu MakedonjiArmanji. Tu Australia idghea, tu Ghirmania idghea. Ti jali ca nica nu himu tuts pi idghea minduiari ama nihiama cati nihiama vas agiunga tuts pi calea atsea tsi lipseashti s-imnamu. Mea tora tu romania nica avemu bilei cu aieshtsa securisti tsi nica adara propayanda. Ama s-veadi ca ptsanu cati ptsanu va na alasa arahati sh va ni pricanoasca ca popul ahorghea cu zartsina tu Vealia Makedonia. Tu 2007 parlamentul mucanescu vota ca armanji nu intra tu numa "Mucanji di iutsido". Aiestu semnu fu di mari simasii aua tu Romania.

Cumu shtii sh-tini nu putemu s-na ayrapsimu isturia fara numa noasta di 3000 anji di Makedonji. Ti atsea ari simasii s-himu pricanascuts ca Laolu Makedonu/Armanu. Sh mas xitacsimu ghini isturia limbaljei vas videmu ca nu avem luata ahati multi zboara di la latinji. Catse a noshtsa li aveau di ninti. Dimi nu vinimu ditu paduri. Protlu popul crishtinatu ditu Evropa fura Makedonji. Atsei ominji irra di isnafea noasta, nu varyareasca, gartseasca nitsi arbinisheasca sh nitsi mucaneasca. Aiesta iasti isturia noasta sh cu aiesta vas nidzemu tra nainti. Alta turlii vas agioaca ahmatslji aieshtsa cu noi pan vas chiremu di dipu. Voi s-tiantrbu mas pistipseshtsa ca amu diki tu aiesti luyurii tsi li anyrapsii aua. S-baneadza armanamea sh veaclia Makedonia. (Njirlu 09:23, 27 Aprir 2010 (UTC))

Brane Stefanosvski alâxire

Mas ai vara caduru cu cartea tsi u tipusi Brane "Pelasgii" ti palacarsescu su alinji la wiki commons tas su bagamu la articlu "aromanians" tas nu mata au tsi-s greasca gretslji sh mucanji tsi manipuleaza atselu articlu. Tutu cafta cartsa. S-li damu di capu cu eali tas u astupa unaoara gura atsea di securisti.

articlu Tata-a Nostru alâxire

Buna dzua tinjisite!

Voi sti palacarsescu s-dishclidz nihiama aiestu articlu tas lu anyrapsescu cama ghini. Ari multi zboara mucaneshtsa sh nitsi nu iasti apridus ghini ditu Biblilj. Haristo. S-baneadza armanamea sh makedonia ditu zamani! (Laodikit 14:55, 8 Mai 2010 (UTC))

Fundraising needs translations! alâxire

HI Eeamoscopolecrushuva, this is a brief note looking for any help you can give in doing some quick translations for the 2010 Fundraiser. You can see the requests at the Meta translation page. The fundraiser starts Today, November 15th! Translations of the letter from Jimmy Wales and and the "core messages" are especially important and unfortunately we do not yet have many Armãneashce translations of the new letter or the new text strings. These translations are important so that we can launch in as many languages as possible so that every community is represented. Please let me know if you have any questions.Thank you! Schapman

Cumu vrei tini ashi adara ! Ancljinaciunji ! (Laodikit 10:04, 21 Yinar 2011 (UTC)) alâxire

  • Voi stsa dzacu nica tsiva; ti tsi nu scots catsaua atsea di lupoaica di la prota frandza? Tsi noi biumu lapti di la catsaua atsea alu Romulus shi Remus? Di dialihea ca Romulus shi Remus irrau tracianji di anoshtsa ditu Troia ma laolu a nostu nu ari ca simbol catsaua. Partia armanjiloru ditu machedonia ari simbol Soarli di Vergina, Provincia Makedonia ditu Gartsia ari ca simbol Soarli di Vergina, Consillu Makedon-Arman are ca simbol Soarli di Vergina, Fara Makedon-Armana ditu Romania ari ca simbol Soarli di Vergina sh noi la un proectu natsionalu wikipedia bagamu dinainti catsaua alu Remus sh Romulus. Sh ma himu ROMANUS himu di la Bizants sh tu Biantzu noi bagamu crishtinismolu ca pisti di amirarie. Ma sh bizantsul tsanu pan la 1453 sh banamu sumu turtsa 500 di anji. Maca shi iasti istoria tsi u vremu ahatu catsaua tsea? S-bagamu Soarli alu Filip ca atselu simbol va lu avemu tu tuta lumea dupu tsi Gartsia va na adara lao consitutiv. (Laodikit 11:42, 21 Yinar 2011 (UTC))
Lupoanje di Roma nã-leagã cu Romanjlji antitsi di cai sh-u avem limba aistã a nostrã. Fãrã di atsea va u-zburãm icã limba a Machedonjlor Antits icã limba a Gretslor. Mine nu fug di zãrtsinjlji nitsi antitse nitsi di atseale romane. Ama cãtse aistã Wikipedia easte dupu limba sh-nu dupu popul, u-bãgai lupoanje ca semnu a latinitatiljei di cai shi him pãrtsã. A tsi lipseashce s-adrãm cu symbolurle a alantsãlor populi antits di cai him parte(ilyritslji, thracianjlji - nãsh nu u-ufilizirã sorle)? Sh-tu numa a nostrã sta "A-RMãN". Cã u apruchem Crishcinizmo prots atsea easte delihia alla cã u-bãgãm tu Amirãrilje atsea putea s-u adarã sade Amirãlu. S-nu le misticãm luguriile. Soarle putem s-u bãgãm ama fãrã lupoanje nu s-featse. Sãnãtate. --Eeamoscopolecrushuva 11:48, 21 Yinar 2011 (UTC)
  • Mini minduiescu ashi. Iliritlj atsei vecli suntu Shkiptarlj si adza. Limbili sh aducu ma nu mata avemu tsiva cu nashi. S adrara ca natsiuni ahorghea di noi. Sh pisti aiesta naima multsa suntu muslimanji. Tora di tracianji tsi s-dzacu? Nu aflamu pana tora cumu s;adrara makedonji di zamani. Ma s'pari ca irrau naima sanatoslu TRIB di tracianji sh mutara ndzeana natsiunea makedona. (tracia, epirlu, tesalia, makedonia) Avura ananghi sh di limba greaca sh lj aprukeara sh gretslj. Tracianji s-adrara makedonji tu kirolu alu Filip sh Alexandru sh multsa di nashi irrau tu askerea makedona sh asburau idghea limba cu makedonji. Multsa di tracianji nu u shtea greaca. Multsa di makedonii nu u shtea greaca. Ma tas adara cultura mondiala sh emburlaki mondiala aveau ananghi di una limba cumu iasti anglikeasca tora, sh atsea limba irra limba greaca . Aristotel tsi irra makedon anyrapsi naima multu tu limba greaca ma ahorghea asbura sh limba lui di dada makedono-traciana. Di armanu tsi s-dzacu. Latinji nu na au data ahati multi cumu s-pari. Ca tu muntsa ndzeana nu agiumsira multsa latinji. Legiunea 5 Macedonica di cai irra adrata? Atsei makedonji tsi s priimnara tu tuta amiraria romana tsi limba asbura, latina? Tutu atsei makedonji avea basearica tu Palestina tu limba lor ninga greaca araba sh ebraica. Ma nica luyuriili nu suntu limbidi. Maca vrei s tsanemu sh lupoanjea su tsanemu ma io dzacu s badz sh SOARLI A NOSTU. Sanatati ! (Laodikit 12:01, 21 Yinar 2011 (UTC))

Inji pari ca u adrai sh mini luyuria aiesta . Mea aua : [1] alâxire

Caftari di ashtirdzeari cont Laodikit alâxire

Ti palacarsescu s-nji ashterdza cont-ul aiestu mas pots. Mini dipisii lucrulu la wikipedia aiesta. Adrai 65000 di frandza ma ti iuva maca numa noasta iasti bagata tu cuprie. Io nu voi s escu mash ROMANIC/ROMANUS/ARMANU ca di njicu fui anvitsatu ca escu MAKEDON ETNIC. Adrats tsi vrets. Vindets-va istoria la varyari ica la grets ica la romanji. Adio.

Translation alâxire

Hello. Could you translate some words to help with localization of your Wikipedia?

  • Robot -
  • Adding/Adăugat -
  • Modifying/Modificat -
  • Removing/Înlăturat -

Thank you! Hugo.arg 17:19, 2 Shcurtu 2011 (UTC)

Help, please! alâxire

Hello. I'm the article Limba catalanã's main editor. However, I do'nt know your language in any way. Sorry! Could I beg you a kindly translation of my userbox into armaneasce? This is only a short phrase. I'll be very grateful to you. Thank you.--Climent Sostres 23:33, 15 Yinar 2012 (UTC)

Multu harios câ eşţâ diz-nou aoa! alâxire

Bun' țâ-i dzuua, tinisite domnu!

Mi hârseaști multu câ ti turnaș diznou aoați. Ași cumu vidzuș, mi bâgai administratoru temporaru a Wikipediľei și așterșu tuti ațeli articoli ți eara „spam”.

Ghini, ma ari multi lucri ti adrari aoați și pistipsescu câ easti lipsitu s-avemu și vârnu ca tini, ți u ai Armâneasca ca limbâ di dadâ.

Bâgai pri Wikipedia unu convertoru ti doaoâli alfaviti a noastri: ațelu tradiționalu, vecľiu și ațelu alu Cunia. Ași-cara, cathi unu poati s-angrâpseascâ cumu va, câ avemu aistu convertoru ți va treacâ unu textu di pri unâ alfavitâ tu alantâ.

Țâ dzâșu câ avemu multu di lucru ma-nsusu tu aestâ carti: vedz câ tu Wikipedia pri anglica ari unâ listâ (this; ari și pri limba româneascâ: [2]) tu ți suntu bâgati articolili ți lipseaști s-li aibâ cathi unâ Wikipedie. Lipseaști ta s-li trițemu cathi un tu limba a noastrâ și s-li bâgămu tu Wikipedia.

Lucru ambaru, --D'AroemenenZullenNiVergaan (talk) 10:09, 25 Xumedru 2013 (UTC)

I want help alâxire

Hello I speak portuguese, spanish and english and I want to help the roa-rup wiki to grow up; I don't speak aromanian but if here you need help contact me! I replay you quick if you write at ptwiki. Greetings, Gato Preto (talk) 18:24, 14 Aprir 2016 (UTC)

Your administrator status on roa-rup.wikipedia alâxire

Hello. A policy regarding the removal of "advanced rights" (administrator, bureaucrat, etc.) was adopted by community consensus in 2013. According to this policy, the stewards are reviewing activity on wikis with no inactivity policy.

You meet the inactivity criteria (no edits and no log actions for 2 years) on the wiki listed above. Since that wiki does not have its own rights review process, the global one applies.

If you want to keep your rights, you should inform the community of the wiki about the fact that the stewards have sent you this information about your inactivity. If the community has a discussion about it and then wants you to keep your rights, please contact the stewards at m:Stewards' noticeboard, and link to the discussion of the local community, where they express their wish to continue to maintain the rights.

If you wish to resign your rights, you can reply here or request removal of your rights on Meta.

If there is no response at all after approximately one month, stewards will proceed to remove your administrator and/or bureaucrat rights. In ambiguous cases, stewards will evaluate the responses and will refer a decision back to the local community for their comment and review. If you have any questions, please contact the stewards. Rschen7754 03:43, 19 Alunar 2016 (UTC)

Please join the discussion. Thanks, Nemo bis (talk) 20:33, 28 Andreulu 2016 (UTC)